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Vivofit Jr 2, Garmin’s fitness tracker for children

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Not all Garmin wearable are for adults. It’s exceptionally well known Vivofit Jr is intended to enable children to get fitter and more beneficial, while making counting steps feel like a fun diversion. A couple of months prior, Garmin updated the first form and slapped on a couple of new highlights. This incorporates a dependably on shading screen, a watch-style clasp plan and a scope of marked topics including some from Disney.

Mind you, all the immense highlights of the original gadget are still there. This incorporates an assortment of instructive versatile activities for the children, and family step difficulties to get the guardians off the couch. The tracker likewise reminds children to remain dynamic with a move bar and even screens rest.


Much the same as the original, Vivofit Jr 2 arrives in a swim friendly body that can take a great deal of beating. Indeed the measurements and the weight, at 17.5 grams, are unaltered.

The silicone and plastic tracker can be worn all day, every day and is intended for a very long time four to nine. Garmin has collaborated with Disney this time around to think of various vivid subjects notwithstanding Star Wars and Marvel. With enough moving the primary unit pops ideal out of the band enabling you to swap outlines in the event that you do as such

Garmin ensured the movement tracker is anything but difficult to put on. The stretchy band fits wrists up to 145mm in breadth. The additional extensive groups are accessible for wrists up to 170mm. In contrast to the original, various plans additionally accompany a standard watch-style clasp. This easily fits wrists estimating 130-175 mm in circuit. For littler ones you should settle on the stretchy band. Proprietors of the original tracker will be upbeat to know they can slip the first gadget into one of the new experience themed groups.

The other essential change is the screen. The original tracker accompanies a B&W, 10mm x 10mm, 64 x 64 pixel shows that are off as a matter of course. Much the same as a customary watch, the new gadget goes above and beyond and accompanies a dependably on hues screen. The showcase confront tells the time and date and you can tweak it with your youngster’s name.

There is just a single substantial physical square catch which is found directly beneath the screen. Squeezing the catch permits the kids to look through the individual screens. A long press starts a manual adjust with the going with cell phone application and raises different capacities.

Much the same as the first, the little wearable is controlled by a coin cell battery which, you’ll be glad to know, implies no charging. Regardless of the knock in specs, the battery life is a still an entire year on account of the single CR1632 coin cell battery.

Features and software

To be very honest, with regards to highlights and programming there is little to isolate the 1st and 2nd generation tracker. Why change something that works? The Vivofit Jr is, all things considered, outstanding amongst other offering wellness groups for children.

Each function is controlled by means of the going with Smartphone application. The tracker is anything but difficult to set up and in the event that you as of now have a Garmin Connect account, the entire procedure should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Download and run the application, sign in utilizing your Garmin Connect information, and adhere to the guidelines to set up your family and include profiles for various children. You can likewise include promote guardians who can likewise see and interface with the family. Just the administrator or controller, however, has full access to the settings. At last, match the gadget by means of the application and not the Bluetooth settings on your smart phone.

It’s super-simple for children to track their movement as everything is unmistakably shown on their watch-confront. The default screen is the current time. A solitary push on the physical catch demonstrates the date, and further press demonstrate the quantity of every day steps, dynamic minutes, number of tasks achieved for that day, coin income and the quantity of stars earned.

Guardians can track their children’s’ every day movement by means of the going with cell phone application. Something that you get on the 2nd generation device however not on the first is ‘toe-to-toe’ challenges. This enables your youngster to challenge different children to timed step competitions. When the competition is finished, they’ll both see the aggregate number of steps amid the test and discover who triumphed. They can even contend with guardians and different grown-ups who introduce the Connect IQ application on their perfect gadgets. Garmin’s most recent Vivofit 4 wellness tracker accompanies this component effectively inherent.

Three new missions are introduced in Vivofit Jr 2. This incorporates the BB-8 Adventure: A Star Wars Story where your little one goes close by BB-8 and the pilot Zepha as they handle undertakings on the planet Jakku. Mickey’s Birthday Surprise: A Disney Adventure matches your little character close by Minnie Mouse and her companions in undertakings as they plan an unexpected birthday party for Mickey Mouse. What’s more, Ultron’s Revenge: A Marvel Avengers Mission where your little legend goes close by Captain America and the Avengers as they handle application experiences in New York City and endeavor to crush Ultron.

With the end goal to advance through various levels in the amusement, kids unfurl new adventures as they achieve their daily hour long action goals. Fun certainties and another portable experience trails are opened, keeping kids intrigued enough to need to continue playing. They can, notwithstanding, just advancement one move in the experience every day they meet the hour long objective.

However, this isn’t only an action tracker. Which is all well and good, Garmin has perceived that inspiration is an imperative piece of the condition. Altering the majority of this in the application takes a bit of time, yet by having objectives, getting reviews and being compensated, kids are urged to accomplish more. It ought to most likely be an undertaking for both the guardians and children.

You can set up tasks around the house and the Vivofit Jr 2 will caution the youngster when they have to finish them. These can be set up to repeat day by day or even week after week, which means they are less inclined to be overlooked. There is a rundown to look over and you likewise can include your very own tasks. For adolescents who get a kick out of the chance to linger, you can set up an errand clock so Vivofitjr. It advises them that an opportunity to complete homework or to get dressed is ticking down. Guardians can find in the smart phone application when an assignment has been finished. They would then be able to tick off the task as done and this will be appeared on the child’s tracker screen. Guardians can even reward great conduct with virtual coins for each errand they dole out, which your kiddos would then be able to use to recover settled upon in-application rewards.

To get the guardians of the couch there are family step challenges also. Other relatives with perfect Garmin action trackers can participate on a leader board and contend in a day by day step challenge. Nothing beats a touch of amicable family rivalry!