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Holi Sleep Sensor Advanced Sleep Tracker

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SLEEPSENSOR is an exceptional, much propelled rest tracker which enhances your rest wellbeing by observing decisively your positions and developments amid the night. Created in a joint effort with sleep specialists, it is particularly situated on the thorax and records daily smaller scale developments with a level of dependability that a wristband or a gadget put on the sleeping pad couldn’t reach. it offers the most extensive investigation of your rest cycles, their length, position, quality and fracture and furthermore assesses your danger of agony from rest apnea. So reclaim control of your lay down with SLEEPSENSOR.

Because of innovation in a container littler than a coin, SLEEPSENSOR cuts effortlessly on your sleepwear because of its magnet. You won’t know about it amid the night. With its accelerometer and high-exactness gyro it is equipped for breaking down with incredible precision your developments and your position changes medium-term. Every morning you will find in the SLEEP360 application the occasions of your night to more readily comprehend the nature of your rest, your rest cycles, your level of tumult or the term of your real rest. SLEEPSENSOR speaks with your telephone utilizing BLUETOOTH SMART: a low discharge, low vitality (BLE) innovation. Its level of wave outflow is consequently negligible. What’s more, amid the night, it changes to “SAFE NIGHT” mode: the BLUETOOTH is deactivated and won’t be enacted until the point when a couple of minutes before you wake up.

Benefits of Holi Sleep Sensor Advanced Sleep Tracker

  • The world’s most developed rest tracker
  • Offers an exhaustive investigation of your rest cycles, length, position, and quality
  • Provides smart wake-up and customized exhortation to enhance the effectiveness of your rest

Clear and easy to use, Sleep Sensor urges you to get the rest you justify.