Analyze your Sleep with the Sunrise Smart Pillow

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Fall asleep easier, and wake up rested, with the Sunrise Smart Pillow.

Busy schedules, traffic, stress, environmental degradation – the demands of modern day life impact greatly on the wellbeing of all of us.

More and more people are reported to be suffering from sleeping disorders in recent years. Perhaps the Sunrise Smart Pillow can assist?

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows 1/3rd of adults in the US report they don’t sleep the recommended 8h a day. Between 50-70 million adults in the US have a type of sleep disorder.

The risk factors of lack of sleep are plentiful, including evidence linking patients suffering from sleep disorders with an increase in motor vehicle accidents as a result of drowsy driving.

Medical conditions, stress, and increased use of technological devices contribute to this recent emergence of sleep disorders. This last causative agent alone is almost entirely responsible for recent sleep disorders in prepubescent and adolescent children.

Although there are therapies and medications to combat this, some experts believe in enhancing the therapeutic effects of sleep. Some gadgets take this onboard and try to optimize the circadian rhythms of people.

Sunrise Smart Pillow is an intuitive entry into the fast advancing field of sleep therapy. Its advanced features make it a worthy consideration for those looking to get the most out of their sleep.

So what is the Sunrise Smart Pillow?

Sleek design, cutting-edge science, and technology come together in the ultimate sleep therapy pillow. Six clinically proven methods are utilized to make users sleep better. These include binaural beats, smart alarm, as well as guided meditation. The companion app will help schedule wake-up times too.

It also comes with a wireless audio system & blue light technology to energize you. Despite all these features, it still has maximum comfort as a pillow. Two distinct designs are features: Counter Ergonomic, and Classic Comfort (for a traditional cushion feel).


Main Features of the Pillow

Here we have the future of sleep & wakeup technology. There are 18 features in total, but here are the most important ones:

  • Smart Alarm – The alarm works in tandem with your natural circadian rhythms to gently wake you up. Compared to abrasive alarm clocks which interrupt REM, this alarm detects your sleep cycle, and starts to wake you when you’re sleeping at your lightest.
  • Sunrise Feature – Giving its name to the pillow, this feature utilizes the surface RGB LEDs and simulates the rising sun on your face – an optimal wake up process leaving you invigorated for the day.
  • Wireless Audio – A wake up playlist from smooth jazz, classical music or nature sounds can work with the sunrise feature to wake you. The volume slowly increases so as not to wake you abruptly.
  • Companion App – Smartphone compatible (iOS and Android), this app keeps track of vital sleep-related information to aid your sleep therapy.
  • Blue Light Technology – Moving beyond a headrest, this bio-hack gadget can enhance focus and improve your mood. Numerous studies indicate exposure to blue light a few minutes once a day can benefit you.
  • Bluetooth LE – Bluetooth LE technology allows you to change sundry pillow configurations as well as change alarm settings. Pair it with your smartphone to use the companion app together with the pillow.
  • Deep Sleep Technology – Achieve optimal sleep therapy through Deep Sleep Technology. Six deep sleep options are combined to create the ideal sleep. These options are sound conditioner, audiobook, fan sounds, guided meditation, binaural beats and nature sounds.
  • Microphone – Ultra-sensitive inbuilt microphone allows the pillow to monitor disturbances and breathing patterns.


How does it work?

The Sunrise Smart Pillow’s modes of operation can be analyzed in three phases:

  1. Sleeping Mode

A peaceful sleeping experience enhanced with relaxing lights and sounds that will gently nudge you into a peaceful sleep. An array of 21 sounds are available to choose from. Whilst sleeping, the headrest will record information like snoring, disturbances and breathing patterns to create a sleep score in the companion app.

  1. Waking Up Mode

Using the circadian rhythm of the sleep, the Sunrise Smart Pillow is able to gently wake you from your slumber with the smart alarm. Never abruptly interrupt your sleep again. Simply set an alarm, and a few minutes prior the RGB LEDs will start to simulate the sun shining on your resting face.

This stimulation tells your brain to stop producing melatonin (sleep hormone), and you start to slowly rouse. Simultaneously, a soothing crescendo of sound plays over the wireless speaker to gently wake you.

  1. Bio-Hack Mode

You may find yourself feeling tired, jaded, or unable to focus throughout the day. Blue light exposure for a few minutes can aid in relieving these feelings. Use the onboard blue light technology to hack your afternoon, improve attention and focus, and accomplish any pending tasks for the day.